Finding Faith While Finding Help


When it comes to trying to find help, whether it be seeking professional help or support from your peers, the task can be extraordinarily daunting. You find yourself trying to figure out what you need and asking yourself what qualities in a counselor will best assist you.  Someone once told me that to get sound […]

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Loving Those with Mental Health Issues

Loving Those with Mental Health Issues-flat

Drew was a minister living in a tiny Southern town. He loved his wife and kids and faithfully lead his church family. After the birth of his third child, his wife, Lori seemed different. At first, he thought it was because the birth had been complicated and unexpectedly turned into an emergency surgery. As time […]

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Dealing with Family Drama


Kirsten loved her family but she struggled to spend time with them. Her parents had divorced when she was young so she had two blended families. Her older sister was super religious and spent every holiday critiquing other relatives. Her younger brother had a falling out with their mother and wasn’t speaking to her. Her […]

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When It Feels God Is Not There


Feeling Like God Has Betrayed You? Jim was a deacon at his local church. He’d attended there for over twenty years and he’d poured his life into the community. He’d sat beside widows as they’d mourned the loss of husbands. He’d visited cancer patients in the hospital. He’d mentored young men that were leaving prison […]

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When Your Church Lets You Down

What To Do When Church Lets You Down-flat

Responding in Love When the Church Has Wronged You Deanna was a widow who had been a faithful member of her local church for years. She taught Sunday school, helped out in the nursery, and even led some of the women’s events when they needed a speaker. So, when Deanna was cheated out of money […]

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